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An invitation. . . to live in N Portland w/us! Great Piedmont location near Peninsula Park.

Posted by Corey Kaster on May 9, 2009


 We are looking for an awesome roommate to round out our community (open to couples). We’re committed to creating a compassionate space in which we can all grow and live well. We look forward to making dinner with you, hearing about your day, and chatting about who’s going to clean the bathroom next.

 Please consider our offer. We’re extending it personally to a couple people first, because we want this to be a great living situation, so if you’d like to feel it out, but have concerns, just ask!  Feel free to request a house tour.

 Below you’ll find a description:

 Room for Rent in desirable NE Portland/Piedmont area. NE Michigan & Rosa Parks Way cross streets. Available June 1st – 13.5’ x 19’ Room for Rent – lots of closet space and big windows – $500, Plus utilities. 1st month’s rent and last month’s rent with fully refundable deposit of $250 due at lease signing ($1250).

 Great indoor shared spaces: dining room and kitchen, living room w/fireplace, washer/dryer, & bathroom. No smoking inside the house.

 Like to sit in the sun? Enjoy a private garden area with beautiful rose bushes, or get your hands dirty in our vegetable garden.

 Bike rider? Take a short bike ride to Fresh Pot Coffeehouse on Mississippi or check out the Common Grounds Wellness Coop on Alberta. Or go to college: we’re near U. of P. (2.3 mi), Concordia University (2.6 mi), and PCC Cascade (.7 mi).

 Near Bus Lines: #4 & #44, which run between St John’s and Downtown, and #6, which runs through Lombard and down NE 42nd and SE 39th.

 Want to take a walk? Enjoy the original Portland Rose Garden at Peninsula Park with Tennis courts & swimming pool; or pickup some groceries at the Arbor Lodge New Seasons; or hop a ride on the Max into town if the weather is funky. AJ Java is right around the corner as well.

 Looking for an easygoing, but responsible, roommate who likes a nice, relaxing place to return to at the end of the day.

 Your Housemates:


Matt: 503-415-9533


Matt currently works in higher education and is into yoga, meditation, gardening, cooking, random , biking to nowhere, and reading about how to fix the things that he breaks. Hopefully, this will come in handy.


Corey: 503-799-8838

Corey currently runs a Farmers Insurance Agency located on Mississippi Ave. and enjoys anything active and outdoors – camping, hiking, mountain biking, boating, snowboarding as well as some things indoors – working out, reading, and now working on home projects. 🙂 




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