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For IMMEDIATE Release: id Magazine – not folded – launch in August/September.

Posted by Corey Kaster on June 15, 2009

Official Launch of gay and lesbian publication, i.d Magazine 

August 27th 2009

Oregon’s new LGBTIQ monthly, id Magazine, has announced that their first print issue was a teaser of what’s to come. The official launch of print and digital issues will begin September, landing on August 27, 2009. All subsequent issues will be out on the fourth Thursday of each month. 

Publisher Christian Messer,  states, “Truthfully, we want this magazine to be in its best form – in content, visuals and the product itself. It is imperative to officially launch id Magazine the way it deserves to be. Therefore, we’re taking some time to launch with our September issue.”

From now until the official launch date, the id Magazine site will continue to be a hub of activity consistently being updated, along with the blog. These updates will be stories that the id Magazine writers are eager to share with the publication growing audience and readership. 

WHAT: i.d Magazine Official Launch

WHEN: August 27th 2009

WHERE: Portland metro areas

MEDIA CONTACT: Christian Messer, Publisher 503-869-2660


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