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Invite: The Boyfriend Study – only takes 20 minutes and is supporting a friend! – please forward to contacts in Seattle.

Posted by Corey Kaster on July 13, 2009


You are being contacted because you expressed interested in
participating in the Boyfriend Study. Details are below, including
location and this week's available appointment times. Please consider
helping out if you and your bf/partner meet the criteria. Every bit
really helps with reaching the goal of 140 couples. Thanks and hope to
hear from you soon!

Study Information

The Boyfriend Study is currently seeking gay male couples to
participate in a one-time anonymous survey that will last no more than
20 minutes. An Oregon State University PhD student is conducting this
study to examine how important relationship dynamics and
characteristics are associated with your sexual risk behaviors (i.e.
your sex life). This study has been approved by the OSU IRB.

What to Expect

If you and your boyfriend/partner/husband/fb are interested and meet
the criteria below, then you’ll e-mail or
call 310-663-3965 to schedule an appointment. Once at the appointment,
each of you will read the consent document and be given your own
laptop to complete the anonymous electronic survey in separate rooms.
Neither of you will have access to each other's answers and nor will
the researchers know who said what at any given time of the study. At
the end of the study, all answers will be pooled together to compare
couples to other couples as well as to compare your answers with your
boyfriend/partner/husband/fb answers. Upon completion of the survey,
each couple will receive a thank you gift card.

Qualifications Needed

Couples should meet the following criteria in order to take the survey:

1. Be 18 and older;
2. Speak and can read English;
3. Be in a sexual relationship for 3 months or longer;
4. Have had anal sex within the last 3 months; &
5. Have either unknown or negative HIV status.

Appointment Information

For those couples who qualify and are interested, please call or
e-mail to schedule your survey appointment. Location: 928 SW Stark
St., Portland, OR (on Stark between 9th & 10th).

Appointment times are available this week:

Sunday, July 12, 3 – 6pm
Monday, July 13, 8am – 9pm
Tuesday, July 14, 8am – 2pm
Wednesday, July 15, 8am – 11am, 5 – 7pm
Thursday, July 16, 12 – 1pm & 5 – 10pm
Friday, July 17, 8am – 2pm & 5 – 10pm

Additional appointment times will be available in the upcoming weeks
until 140 couples have take the survey.

Thanks ahead of time for your interest,

~ The Boyfriend Study ~


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