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I Heart Bro on Saturday!!

Posted by Corey Kaster on August 6, 2009

Can't wait to see all of you at this very important event.  We will be donating our dollars to the future of Marriage Equality.  Although this isn't the last frontier for all equality, it IS one of the most important of our generation! 

Other than the suggested donation for the party, bring a few extra bucks to participate in the silent auction. There will be fun stuff like Starbucks Coffee, Fancy Beer from Saraveza, Haircuts from Theo Aalto Hair, and Astrology Charts by Psychic Jodi Snyder "The Laughing Light."   Also, Jodi will be doing Tarot readings for donations and the Burlesquire and Nicole from Mary's will be dancing for dollars too! 

A huge thank you in advance to everyone who has donated their time and resources to make this wonderful:
Jim, Joanne and Marcy Comella
Ryan Smith
Theo Aalto
Peter Zuckerman
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Heidi Hartson
Molly McKendrick
Melissa Sowers
Scott Braucht
Noelle and Bret Adams
All my Ladies at Queen of Cups Spiritual Apothecary
Saraveza Beer and Pastie Shop
Nicole from Mary's
Cory Kaster
Karl Rhode
And of course Juan and Andrew from Basic Rights Oregon!

Party Deets:
Saturday August 8th at 6pm
Suggested Donation $25
Food, Beer and Entertainment Provided!!

Let's do this!!


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