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Know anyone with a vacant home and they need to insure it? Let me know, we can now insure them!

Posted by Corey Kaster on August 13, 2009

The text below outlines some of the benefits/features associated with this new program. Sample letters are attached below as well.

·     Pro-Rated Cancellation – Foremost’s vacant policy is written as a
full year policy, but customers can cancel at any time, subject to a minimum earned premium. Other companies may offer a three or six month policy, but they won’t refund any premium if the customer cancels during the term.

·     Up to Two Years of Coverage – Unlike most carriers, Foremost will
allow the risk to be insured for up to 24 months.

·     Higher Liability Limits – The Foremost program includes higher
liability limits than many other companies’ programs. We also offer higher deductibles.

·     Vandalism Coverage – Foremost offers optional Vandalism coverage –
many companies do not.

·     No Restrictions on Age – Some carriers don’t want older homes, but
Foremost has no restrictions on the age of the home.


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