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The 7 Wonders of Life Insurance #LIAM

Posted by Corey Kaster on September 25, 2009

Life Insurance…
1. Buys time – Allows loved ones to focus on their grief by helping to pay for the funeral
and other final expenses.
2. Provides a fresh start – Lets loved ones start with a clean slate by helping to pay off
credit card bills, outstanding loans and even the mortgage.
3. Generates income – Helps replace lost income for years to come so that surviving
family members can continue to pay for life’s necessities.
4. Offers flexibility – Gives a surviving spouse the chance to take time off from work or
to switch to a job that offers a more flexible work schedule.
5. Creates opportunities – Can provide funding to start a business, or pay for schooling
so surviving family members can train for a new career.
6. Funds the future – Offers a way to fund longer-range goals like a college education for
the kids or a secure retirement for a surviving spouse.
7. Leaves a legacy – Gives parents the chance to leave future generations with the
legacy of long-term financial security.


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