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Just finished watching Why We Fight. Check out review at #moviereview #whywefight

Posted by Corey Kaster on October 27, 2009

Why we fight is a well written documentary providing a shallow, yet though-provoking overview of the rise of American armament. Eisenhower saw the dangers of the rise in the uncontrollable military-industrial complex. It started out with three parts – military, industry (big corporations), and Congress. It now includes a fourth element, the think tank – small groups of people joined solely for the purpose of creating intelligence to fuel agendas. The United States has progressed so far down this path most Americans do not know why we are even in Iraq.

The only way to stop this progression is to stand up against it, yet the countless peace demonstrations seem to bear little impact. If only a few in positions of power made the same stand, change would spread exponentially.

Well written, this documentary forces the viewer to see the situation from a more critical perspective, understanding the plethora of hidden elements involved in why we fight.


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