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Drop Geico – not my words, but a sad story that happened to a Motorcycle rider in Oregon

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 10, 2009

Drop geico

Geico deicded that my motorcycle was NOT on an insurance policy, which it was, so they are NOT covering my bike loss, or my medical bills, which are to the tune of about 3k.

Anyone with Geico, I implore you to drop them, the way I have been treated I feel that I was robbed, they love to take your money but not pay it when they are liable to, drop them, go with State Farm, or Farmers, or nationwide, or country insurance DO NOT go thru geico, Please send a reply on this thread to show me support in this, and that insurance companies MUST Pay on thier policies

Thank you

Pt. 2

“Drop Geico” part 2 “the full story” sounds like a good movie, but its a horror story

I had the bike fully insured thru a friend, (first mistake) he had it fully insured, I had paperwork on it saying it was fully insured for any rider that operated the vehicle. Nathans rates increased as the bike was added and stayed the same rate for the last 6 months including the last month. Somewhere in the last 6 months, without informing Nathan, Geico dropped the bike off the policy without lowering his rate, or informing him that they dropped the moto from the policy.

Now I have found out the hard way. Not only do I have to pay my medical bills, and repair my bike on my dime, I have to the damage of the girl that turned into me.

I found out becuase I had a red and she had a yellow, she had the right of way the entire time, no matter when I proceeded forward, even though I waited my turn, she turned INTO me! I cannot believe she had the right of way the WHOLE time this means if you have a red stop and someone else has a yello, even though its YOUR turn to go, and people yeild for you to go, if the oncoming car has a yellow no matter what they can bash into you and its YOUR fault

Watch out for this intersection, where scholls ferry becomes 210 and where river road ends. seasonal riders be seen, dont let this nightmare happen to you, it ruined my thanksgiving and looks like its gonna *censored* up christmas too.

And drop gieco, if not for any other reason, but that they screwed me, they dropped my bike without any warning, or notification, they still charged the higher rate without covering the bike. *Censored* you geico

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