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Top 10 Year-End Questions for a Savvy New Year

Posted by Corey Kaster on January 14, 2010

As the new year speeds ahead, it’s natural for business owners to begin to mentally prepare for the new year. But don’t forget to take time to assess your personal and professional challenges and accomplishments of the past year. Awareness of what has occurred is the best tool for discovering what path to take in the new year. Do yourself a favor, take 15-20 minutes this week to take stock of 2009.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

What have I accomplished this year? Be specific. Write it all down. Schedule some time to celebrate this!

What have I learned this year? What skills did you pick up? What emotional lessons?

What got in my way? This is where your work will be next year. Be honest if it was your own self that got in the way.

Who contributed to my successes? What can you do to recognize these members of your personal or professional team?

What mistakes did I make, and what did I learn from them? Writing these down is a good refresher for what not to do next year.

How was my work consistent with my values? What will you do with the inconsistencies?

Where did I not take responsibility? Sometimes this is easier to see with a little distance from the actual event.

How did my performance rate? Give yourself a letter grade or a 1-10 score.

What do I need to let go of? Doing so can help you move much more lightly into the new year.

What was missing for me this year? How can you incorporate them into next year?

With a little time spent taking stock of 2009, you’ll exponentially increase the odds of reaching your goals for 2010. So go ahead?give yourself the gift of awareness. And don’t hesitate to call if you’d like some support getting clarity and creating a plan for your business and personal happiness in the new year.

About Deanna & SavvyGals

Deanna Maio, Certified Professional Coach, is the Founder of SavvyGals Coaching & Consulting, LLC in Portland Oregon. Her specialty is teaching women business owners how to stop wasting time, start making more money, and live the life they deserve and desire.

She started coaching in 2005 to help other busy women get the information, support, and guidance they needed to deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of running their business while still having a fulfilling personal life.

Prior to starting her own business, Deanna spent over 10 years as a manager, instructional designer and workshop facilitator. An unconditionally supportive coach and sought-after speaker and facilitator, Deanna is known for her passion and dedication to helping her clients create better results faster and easier than ever before.

Deanna recently finished contributing to her first print book, GPS to Success, which is slated to be printed any day now. You can learn more about Deanna and her coaching, programs and products at her website,

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

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Deanna Maio
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