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Networking: Motivate Yourself and Help your Business Grow

Posted by Corey Kaster on February 24, 2010

As an entrepreneur you may hear a lot about networking and wonder what all the hubbub is about. Networking, both online and off, is a wonderful way to build connections in your industry. It’s a terrific way to increase awareness, build your customer base and ultimately boost your profits. However, you probably know that already. What you may not know is that networking is also a wonderful way to motivate yourself.

Impress Them

Networking pushes you to be at your absolute best. If you’re putting forth the effort to network, you’ll want to stand out. So when you communicate with the public, strive to make your first impression peerless, by being ready, willing and able to give them an informative and inspirational pitch about your business.

Connections Count

You never know where you’ll meet your next business partner, a superior customer or one of those coveted ‘Paul Revere type’ of individuals who spreads news faster than CNN. If you meet a ‘Paul Revere’ and can get them excited about your business, you’ve just launched your business into a whole new arena.

Moves You Forward

Because networking is usually a scheduled event, it accomplishes two things. It drives you to prepare before you head to the website or event. And it pushes you too put some serious thought into how you present yourself both online and off. Networking forces you to think about your business, where it’s going, what your future plans are, and how you want to be perceived.

Ideas Ignited

For most people, networking with other successful people sparks their competitive spirit. We see other successful people and think, “If they can do that, so can I.” We hear great ideas, product launches, marketing tactics and business strategies and we think, “How can I do this too? Hearing the stories of others is very motivating!

Mindset Shifts

Finally, networking both online and off (though online networking can be done in your pajamas with unruly hair and un-brushed teeth) makes us feel and act more professionally. For the most part, the simple act of being a professional makes us feel more professional. We start to feel less like a person who works at home in their pajamas and more like a business person, a CEO, and most importantly, a successful entrepreneur.

Deanna Maio, Certified Professional Coach, is the Founder of SavvyGals Coaching & Consulting, LLC in Portland, Oregon. Her specialty is teaching women business owners how to stop wasting time, start making more money, and live the life they deserve and desire.

She started coaching in 2005 to help other busy people get the information, support, and accountability they needed to deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of running their business while still having a fulfilling personal life.

Prior to starting her own business, Deanna spent over 10 years as a manager, instructional designer and workshop facilitator. An unconditionally supportive coach and sought-after speaker and facilitator, Deanna is known for her passion and dedication to helping her clients create better results faster and easier than ever before.

Deanna recently finished contributing to her first print book, GPS to Success, which is slated for publication in Spring 2010. You can learn more about Deanna and her coaching, programs and products at her website,

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