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Top 10 Negative Self-Talk Phrases and How to Replace Them

Posted by Corey Kaster on March 18, 2010

This post via life coach Russell Small (

Our challenge to you this week is to consciously listen to what you say to yourself. Jot your dominant thoughts down on a piece of paper. Then look at the list below and identify the limiting self-talk patterns you hold (listed on the left). Take these negative phrases and replace them with the affirming phrases on the right.

Remember, what is within, so without. Our inner world creates the outer circumstance and shapes the events that we experience. Our inner world consists of our thoughts, and beliefs. A belief is a thought with a feeling associated with it. We can consciously choose to change our thoughts and beliefs at any time and by doing so we can improve the quality of our experiences.

Every time we possess a feeling or experience an emotion – of any kind- we have chosen it. If we chose to feel negatively and believe a thought – then we have chosen to be a product of bad thinking. A thought can produce an emotion only if you believe it to be true. Believe it or not holding onto a thought and creating a feeling is a choice, just like it’s our choice to insert a new one.

Be Free!

Negative Self-Talk Replace with Positive Self-Talk
1.  I never get anything right… 1.  I always learn from my mistakes and failures
2.  This is difficult… 2.  Challenges make me stronger
3.  I have no time to ______ 3.  I will make time to ______
4.  I am cursed 4.  I am blessed
5.  What if I try and fail? 5.  This will work for me!
6.  I wish I had ______ 6.  ______ is on the way!
7.  There goes another opportunity… 7.  Things always turn out for the best
8.  I’ll never get there… 8.  I am stretching towards my biggest goals
9.   I can’t do that… 9.  I’ll do that and to the best of my ability!
10. If only I were ______ I would 10. Because I am ______ I will do this

For more ideas on how to turn negative phrases into positives, visit:

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