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My quick review of the Vibram FiveFingers

Posted by Corey Kaster on April 14, 2010

Jon Grossart, my rolfer recommended these. The picture to the left is a little creepy (with the cut off legs), but these are the kind of FivFingers I bought. I got them at REI ($85 – but 20% with Member Coupon)

So I have had these almost a week now, and absolutely love them! It has taken a while to get used to having something between my toes. However, it seems to help spread my toes after all these years of being squished together in shoes. They are extremely comfortable and after a while wearing them I don’t even notice I have them on. My feet seem to be getting stronger already! I would recommend breaking yourself in slowly due to this. Feet will need some time to adjust to the lack of support.

A few other things I have noticed –

– They are a little chilly when the weather is cool – even with socks (yes, I had to buy special socks)
– They are not good for riding a bike – wind is extra cold & no solid sole makes biking a little more work
– Even though they have a smooth sole, they provide good grip on wet/slick surfaces.
– They get a LOT of attention.

*** Lastly, I would not recommend these if you haven’t had Rolfing. If you are not structurally aligned, I can imagine these might do more harm than good. The link to Jon’s website is at the top. Please see him – it will change your life! Since working with him all upper back pain is gone and I feel stronger, more balanced, and more stable. ***


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