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Etiquette Awareness — Hey, Move It!

Posted by Corey Kaster on May 27, 2010

I see this everywhere, so I know something like this has happened to you. But I finally experienced a version of it that was pretty much the last straw, so I’m publicly saying enough is enough: Get out of the way!

While attending a public open house type of event, my friend and I moved towards the stairs to view the large second floor loft area of this public venue. We were not the only ones that had that idea as there were five or six people trailing behind us as we began our ascent. However, mid-way up the staircase, we came to something of an abrupt stop.

There was a man in the way. He was well over six feet and had the build to accompany the height. He was neither walking up nor down but instead, was parked, center stage, talking on his cell phone. He clearly couldn’t miss us attempting to get by but instead, chose to stand smack in the center of the stair and ignore us. He made no effort to even turn his body sideways so that we might reasonably pass by; instead we were forced to squeeze past, an effort made even more perilous due to his glass of red wine balancing precariously on the ledge of the staircase.

May I ask everyone, here and now, to please be aware that you are not the only critter on this planet? When you are at a public event, note that other people probably have the same idea as you, often at the same time. (Good minds DO think alike!)

For example, when you step up to the bar to obtain a beverage, move out of the way once you have received it. Don’t stand there talking; there are others waiting for something to drink too! The same goes for the food. Help yourself to a selection, then step away from the table before you begin eating so that others may do the same. It is extremely irritating to those waiting when two or three people are standing there, sans plates, gobbling and talking without any regard to the crowd around them.

In other words, remember to get out of the way!


A colleague recently told me she could tell when I had a “bee in my bonnet”; it was reflected in my writing. I admit it — this one has bothered me for a while, partly because it seems to be plain common sense!

Just as we should say “excuse me” when stepping past someone, so too should we be aware of when we may be causing an inconvenience to others.

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