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Etiquette Awareness — Three Little Words, BIG Meaning

Posted by Corey Kaster on June 17, 2010

There are two words I use a lot: courtesy and respect.

I believe the interactions we have with others, whether they are a brief, one-time exchange or continuous, long-term relationships, are greatly impacted by the manner in which we treat others. There is no financial cost to using these forms of conduct but they have a powerful affect, not only in how you make others feel but in how you are perceived.

There is another word I believe very strongly in, and that is dignity.

Dignity is the quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. To me, it also reflects composure and poise. I think of dignity in terms of oneself more than other people, as in, always maintain your dignity. Dignity goes hand in hand with presenting a polished presence. We can find ourselves in all sorts of awkward or uncomfortable situations; how we react to them is what is going to be noticed — and judged — by those around us.


The only person you have control over is yourself. Sometimes not saying anything, smiling politely, or simply excusing yourself from the situation is the best remedy. No matter how much you may wish to indulge yourself by firing off that comment, stepping in where you shouldn’t or simply not letting go when it is past time to do so, remembering my three words will do you much better.

Courtesy                       Respect                         Dignity

For yourself and those around you.

Please feel free to send me any of your

etiquette or customer service questions or stories!

Previous editions of Etiquette Awareness

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Jodi Blackwood

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“Etiquette is about polishing your approach,

not changing who you are.”


3 Responses to “Etiquette Awareness — Three Little Words, BIG Meaning”

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  2. bolywelch said

    Great advice! I’m gonna pass along these tips and Jodi’s website to our office.

    Chris Nelson, Boly:Welch Recruiting

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