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Corey Kaster – President of IM Northwest and C. Kaster Agency

Born in Oregon City, I grew up in the Portland area. Throughout school I was always noted as, “very organized, good at school, but is always talking.” At the time I couldn’t figure out why that would have been a bad thing, and now I know it isn’t. Always moving, I like anything active, preferably outdoors – working out, hiking, mountain biking, camping, snowboarding and boating. Other interests include being a technology fiend (if it is new, updated, upgraded, or beta, I am all over it)  as well as recently diving into the depths of social media. I never am out of reach of my iPhone, though I know it’s place and don’t let it disturb meetings, etc. Currently running on a PC platform, I am converting to MAC as these computers die.

Insurance Masters NW/C. Kaster Agency

Insurance Masters NW and C. Kaster Agency began in late 2005 after Corey graduated Portland State University.  Armed with a degree in Marketing and Management I was recruited by Farmers Insurance Group. I knew I had to escape the corporate world after being oppressed for the last years of school by a corporate giant. When Farmers contacted me, I researched the company both on the products/services side as well as their agency program. After also researching the market in the Portland area I realized the LGBT community was under served.

I had the concept of starting an agency that met clients needs, educated them in a friendly environment, and supported the needs of the community. Many people did not feel comfortable with their current insurance agent/company and were looking for someone who understood them. I has created an Agency to address those concerns. Offering services for auto, home, life, business, recreational vehicle insurance, and more, I serve the Portland-Vancouver Metro area.

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