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My email to Blow Pony and their response…

Posted by Corey Kaster on January 24, 2011

Dear Blow Pony,
I just wanted to provide some friendly feedback about Blow Pony. I have been quite a few times now and felt it necessary to let you guys in on some things I have been hearing from my friends as well as other attendees.
Obviously you guys are doing something right because there is still a line at times, but I have some thoughts about how it could be even better. Last night there was a skinny DJ with a mustache that played awesome music. It was an eclectic mix as it usually is, but it was mixed together and really kept the crowd going.
Then came an overweight DJ, not that his skills (or lack thereof) have anything to do with his weight – it is merely to describe his physique. He played random songs from the last few decades and nothing was mixed together and very little was easy to dance to. There was a mass exodus from the dance floor as soon as he arrived (and even worse when he came on for his second set). I understand getting people off the dance floor to buy drinks, but everywhere I went people were getting together to leave for another bar, which I assume is not the effect you are attempting to achieve.
I would encourage having the random unmixed music upstairs (because their seems to be a market for it) and get some quality DJs (such as skinny mustache man) to DJ downstairs, get it packed, and get the energy back BP used to have. It would keep people there buying drinks, etc. until close and be a win win for all involved.

Any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to give me a buzz. (phone number).
~ Corey



Thank you for the respectful email, it’s much easier to take serious and listen properly when there’s respect and not just hateful words used in a dialog, I tried to call you after I read this, I’m much better at getting my point across in person, so if something doesn’t make sense please ask me to elaborate.
We have 3 dj’s up and a performer & 3 dj’s down, we try to let new dj’s showcase on our stage but as you can see that doesn’t always serve as a good idea and sometimes it does, Zakaka DJ Lustache  is the “skinny guy with the mustache” and he is now a resident DJ with us (thanks mainly to your email), we have never created the idea to play bad music or poorly so folk will leave the dance floor to buy drinks, we don’t get paid from the bar, the set up is suppose to be random weird sometimes un mixed music upstairs and more progressive dance with some edge downstairs with some old favs in mind.
I can’t be in all places at once, so I rely on feedback from those who support the night (people like yourself) and it honestly helps when I get an email like yours, again I thank you for the manners, concern and respect you showed in your email.
I’d like to ask you back next month and hear your feedback
again thanks for taking the time to write
all the best
Airick X
The PonY KrU!

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New Hospital Visitation Rules in Effect

Posted by Corey Kaster on January 18, 2011

via WGB

New federal regulations that prohibit hospitals from discriminating against visitors based on sexual orientation and gender identity take effect today.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, “These new regulations require all hospitals participating in Medicaid and Medicare programs – virtually every hospital in the country – to permit patients to designate visitors of their choosing and prohibit discrimination in visitation based on a number of factors, including sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Last year, President Barack Obama announced the regulations in response to the tragic story of Janice Langbehn and Lisa Pond of Florida. The couple was kept apart while Lisa died at a Miami hospital. (Source-The Advocate)

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Video: CNN Talks With DADT Photographer Jeff Sheng

Posted by Corey Kaster on November 16, 2010

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Gay student teacher gets Oregon job back

Posted by Corey Kaster on October 22, 2010

A gay student teacher will be reinstated to his teaching position in the Beaverton School District under an agreement reached between Lewis & Clark College and the school district.

Seth Stambaugh, a Lewis & Clark Grad School student teacher, was removed from Sexton Mountain Elementary School in September following a complaint by a parent, based on a conversation Stambaugh had with a student about his marital status in which he stated it would be illegal for him to marry because he would choose to marry a man.

His lawyer Luke Perriguey said, “Mr. Stambaugh is joyous beyond belief. He is celebrating privately with friends and family and will make a public statement to all media in the next few days.”

Perriguey said the offer of reinstatement came at an afternoon meeting at Lewis and Clark College.

Stambaugh will resume his student teaching duties at Sexton Mountain Elementary School next Thursday.  (Source-MSNBC)

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New Coming Out Display at Q Center. First time it has left the Nike Campus!

Posted by Corey Kaster on June 14, 2010

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Think this is powerful? Think of the impact the Q Center has on our community.

Q Center is pleased and proud to present “Coming Out”, a display of history created by our friends at Nike’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Friends Employee Network.

The idea of coming out was introduced in 1869 by the German homosexual rights advocate Karl Heinrich Ulrichs as a means of emancipation. Claiming that invisibility was a major obstacle toward changing public opinion, he urged homosexuals themselves to come out. It would take another 100 years for the GLBT Movement to take off.

Q Center would like to thank Nike for lending this exhibition, and Q Center board member Aaron Hall for sponsoring its display. It will be on view in the north room of Q Center through August 1, 2010.

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Cartoon of the Day – DADT

Posted by Corey Kaster on May 28, 2010

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Our Marriage Matters Video

Posted by Corey Kaster on March 19, 2010

Turn your volume way up to hear…

Sign the Freedom to Marry Pledge

Help the cause and spread the word.

It takes only seconds and can change lives forever.

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