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Breakthrough Drug Could Help Gluten Sufferers with Celiac Disease

Posted by Corey Kaster on March 15, 2010

[not that I want to be taking a drug just to eat some gluten, but for my “Splurge Day” it could be awesome! – Corey]

Posted by geri by Good News Network

Sunday, 14 March 2010

For millions of gluten sensitive sufferers, eating even a microscopic amount of gluten — foods laced with wheat or other grains — frequently leads to illness.

A new drug called Larazotide Acetate, developed by a University of Alberta doctor, has been called ‘revolutionary’ for its promise to help such people to lead a normal life.

Larazotide Acetate was shown in three clinical trials to reduce the effects of gluten in up to 85% of subjects with celiac disease. The pill may offer patients the freedom to eat out at restaurants, or go to a friends house for dinner without getting sick from gluten contaminated food.

A fourth clinical trial is slated for later this year, and the drug could be made available by 2012.

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