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Etiquette Awareness — Listen Up!

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 2, 2009

Etiquette Awareness

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With the advent of caller identification, we know who is on the other end of the line … or, perhaps more importantly, whose call we may have missed. It makes it very simple to ring that person back to see what was needed, why he/she was calling, etc. Yes, a message may have been left, but why bother to listen to it first?

You should listen to that message BEFORE making that call back for several reasons:

* The caller may be requesting specific information from you. You can have the answers ready and available when you respond.

* The caller may leave a specific time as to when he is available to talk, and it isn’t right then!

* The caller may be referring you to someone else to better help with a matter you had contacted her about. Why start playing telephone tag with someone who is no longer in the game?

* The message may contain all the information necessary and there is no need to return the call at all. People get frustrated when they have to repeat things because you can’t be bothered to hear things the first time!

If the caller took the time to leave you information via a telephone message, show that person courtesy and respect for their effort by taking a few minutes to listen. You may learn something and save yourself — and the other person — some time along the way.


When leaving a telephone message, leave a “good” one! State your name, your telephone number, including area code (making sure you speak slowly and clearly here!) Briefly explain the reason you are calling, then again, repeat your name (first and last) and your 10 digit phone number.

It is not a race to see how fast you can rattle off those numbers or mumble out your first name; I know five Karens, so help me out with a last name! The point of a “good” phone message is that I can listen to it ONCE, get all of the information I need because you spoke clearly and slowly enough for me to make note, and then erase — done!

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