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New SunChips Bag is 100% Compostable

Posted by Corey Kaster on March 1, 2010

Posted by geri via GNN

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Frito Lay will roll out the world’s first 100% compostable chip bag in Canadian retail outlets beginning in March.

The new SunChips packaging will be made from more than 90% renewable, plant-based materials, and as a result, the bag will completely break down into compost in a hot, active compost pile in approximately 14 weeks.

Frito Lay is planning to launch its new 90% plant-based, 100% compostable bag in the U.S. to coincide with Earth Day 2010.

Beginning in 2009, you may have noticed the SunChips bags already sporting a unique sound, the new sound of environmentally friendly plant-based materials that are not as soft at room temperature.

The renewable material used to produce the SunChips 100% compostable bag is a plant-based PLA material, a versatile polymer made from starch — the result of four years of research and testing. PLA ensures the product in the bag maintains the quality and freshness Canadian consumers expect.

“Having designed packaging with the environment in mind, SunChips’ certified compostable packaging will help raise awareness of the environmental importance of composting,” said Susan Antler, Executive Director of the Compost Council of Canada. “We hope the introduction of initiatives such as the compostable SunChips bag will encourage and make it easier for Canadians to participate in composting This will hopefully also spur the industry to continue to develop and enhance the technology needed to create packaging from renewable resources.

The SunChips’ compostable packaging has been certified through the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), the only internationally recognized labeling program. As such it presents the opportunity for incorporation into waste management programs destined for composting, provided the local infrastructure is both available and capable of including this packaging material within their system. In the months ahead, SunChips will be working with local composting initiatives to ensure the packages are included in green bin programs as much as possible.

The green SunChip bags will appear in the 225g & 425g size bags, with the balance of the product line transitioning to the compostable packaging in August 2010.

“As we embark on a new decade, environmental initiatives are more important than ever,” says Tony Matta, Vice President of Marketing, Frito Lay Canada. “Every step counts as we strive to shrink our footprint on the planet and the SunChips 100% compostable chip bag is one small step towards a greener future.”

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Being Positive and Optimistic Could Prevent Heart Attacks, Study Finds

Posted by Corey Kaster on February 19, 2010

Posted by Michelle B via GNN

Friday, 19 February 2010

Being happy and naturally optimistic cuts the risk of developing heart problems, say researchers.

They found that those who are enthusiastic, contented and believe the glass is half full rather than half empty have a better chance of keeping their heart healthy.

It is the first study to find such a strong link between positive emotions and a lower risk of heart disease.

Findings published in the European Heart Journal reveal the potentially damaging effects of pessimistic thoughts and long-term negativity.

“This is the first study to show an independent relationship” between heart disease and a positive attitude that was spelled out through clear data, as opposed to just being based on a person’s own report of their attitude.

(Contine reading in the Daily Mail)

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Gay Guardsman Back With Unit as Military Ponders Repeal

Posted by Corey Kaster on February 15, 2010

Posted by geri via GNN

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Last week, amid news that senior military officials supported ending the policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, a National Guardsman was contacted by his commanding officer with an invitation to rejoin his unit. Months earlier, Dan Choi had been recommended for discharge after his announcement on television that he was gay.

Choi is back with his unit now to receive training on critical infantry skills for a possible upcoming deployment. “It’s Good to be back,” he wrote in an email.

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Wind Power Grew 39 Percent Last Year

Posted by Corey Kaster on February 3, 2010

Posted by geri via Good News Network

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Despite a crippling recession and tight credit markets, the American wind power industry grew at a blistering pace in 2009, adding 39 percent more capacity. The country is close to the point where 2 percent of its electricity will come from wind turbines.

While that is still a small share, it is up from virtually nothing a few years ago. Continued growth at such a fast pace could help the nation lower its emissions of the gases that cause global warming, The New York Times’s Jad Mouawad writes.

Continue reading the article in the New York Times.

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Global Manufacturing Surges Back, Key US Index at Highest Since 2004

Posted by Corey Kaster on February 2, 2010

Posted by geri via Good News Network

Tuesday, 02 February 2010

Manufacturing activity soared around the world in January, according to surveys released yesterday that will bolster the hopes of a strong global recovery.

In the US, the Institute for Supply Management index – a key measure of industrial activity – rose from 54.9 to 58.4, its highest level since August 2004 and well ahead of economists’ expectations.

The key components of the index – production, employment and new orders – all increased, offering significant assurance that the manufacturing sector is in recovery.

(Continue reading in the Financial Times)

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Top Ten Good News Stories of 2009

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 30, 2009


Posted by geri via Good News Network
Friday, 25 December 2009
earth-from-Apollo_17.jpgDespite what may be your immediate impression of 2009, overall it was a great year. Looking back, one can be grateful that the economy has begun to turn around, at least for businesses, real estate and the stock market. Looking ahead, it is easy to be hopeful about 2010. With the New Year upon us, this Top 10 list of Good News is just what we need to kick off a new decade.

Here, then, is my annual countdown of the Top Ten Good News Stories for 2009. Happy Holidays to everyone!

10) Humpback Whales to Leap off Endangered Species List


Even more heartening than the 6,000 rare dolphins discovered in South Asia (prior to this, the largest known populations of Irrawaddy dolphins numbered in the low hundreds or less), or the discovery this year of a new population of orangutans in a remote, mountainous corner of Indonesia – perhaps as many as 2,000, or the “spectacular” finding that rare mountain gorilla populations have grown by 13 percent over the last 16 months in the Congo, is the news that humpback whales may soon be graduating from the endangered species list. Despite almost hunting these beautiful creatures to extinction, conservation efforts have led to steady population growth of 4-7 percent annually, to an estimated 19,000 animals, from fewer than 1,400 before the 1960’s ban on whaling. (

9) Researcher’s Love for Wife Leads to MS Breakthrough

Dr. Zamboni’s studies began when his beloved wife developed MS in 1995 at the age of 37. He undertook a massive in-depth review of the literature, and modern imaging techniques such as ultrasound and MRI. His findings led him to believe that Multiple Sclerosis is not an autoimmune issue, but a vascular disease, a radical departure from current thinking. He performed experimental surgery on his wife using a simple catheter / angioplasty / balloon operation, getting blood flowing normally again. Many of her MS symptoms disappeared. She had the surgery three years ago and has not had an attack since. In Italy where the doctor works, 65 patients have since had the MS surgery, and in the two years since the operation, 73 percent of subjects are symptom-free. (Good News Network)


8) Child Mortality Down 27 percent Worldwide Since 1990

Child mortality rates have dropped 28% worldwide since 1990, UNICEF reported Friday. Death rates of children aged five and under have even dropped by 60% since 1960. “UNICEF cited “particularly good progress” in reducing child mortality in Laos, Bangladesh, Bolivia and Nepal. These countries are on target to reach the U.N. Millennium Development Goal of reducing the under-five child mortality rate by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015, UNICEF said.”  (USA Today)

7) Lay-offs Stopped as Co-Workers Rally to Save Jobs at Boston Hospital


When a hospital CEO was faced with having to lay-off hundreds of people from their jobs, he walked through the corridors and saw that no one deserved it. When he reported his feelings to the auditorium filled with 6,300 employees, he received thunderous, sustained applause. The staff at Beth Israel Medical Center didn’t want any of the 8,000 workers to get laid off — and were willing to give up their pay and benefits to make sure no one does. The 13 department heads took pay cuts  totaling $350,000, doctors donated money, 401-K matching funds were turned down. Now, most of the cooks, janitors and cashiers have been rescued, thanks to the compassionate CEO who wanted to do the right thing and the workers who agreed with him. (;  Follow-up from CBS)

1stwisconsinbldg.jpg6) 12 Banks Have Repayed $113B in Bailout Money- With Interest

Top financial institutions, like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs,Capital One, Citi, Wells Fargo, American Express and Morgan-Stanley, have repaid more than $113 billion of the $199 billion in taxpayer money, loaned to financial institutions last year. TARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, was introduced when a financial crisis put the economy at risk of falling into a depression. Now the nation’s four largest banks have paid back their loans — with billions of dollars in interest going to the US treasury — as have several large regional banks.

5) Passenger Spots Leaking Jet Fuel, Averts Mid-Ocean Crash


Staff Sgt. Bartek Bachleda spotted a fuel leak during take-off and possibly saved the lives of more than 300 airline passengers in route to Japan last week.  After alerting the aircrew, the ranking pilot made a decision to divert the flight to San Francisco. The captain said they would have never made it to Japan if it wasn’t for the passenger’s insistence that an emergency situation was developing. (Japan Today)


4) Crime is Plummeting Across N. America, Despite Recession

From Oregon to Vermont, states across the country are tallying lower crime rates over the past few years, but even in 2009, amidst economic downturn, cities like Los Angeles, Dallas and New York have seen a dramatic reduction in violent crime. Even Chicago and Detroit are seeing murder rates dropping and property crime decreasing, mystifying sociologists and criminologists. (Good News Network)


3) Worldwide Hopes Soar as First African-American President Inaugurated

The arrival of a new American president triggered joy and jubilation in a world made weary by warfare, recession and fear. Even for Republicans, whether you agree or disagree with Obama’s policies, the ascendance of the first African-American to the presidency of the United States marked a new era of tolerance and possibility.


2) Miami Banker Gives $60 Million in Bonuses to Employees

After selling a majority stake in his Miami bank, Leonard Abess Jr. took $60 million of the proceeds — $60 million out of his own pocket — and gave it to his tellers, bookkeepers, clerks, everyone on the payroll. All 399 workers on the staff received bonuses, and he even tracked down 72 former employees so they could share in the windfall. For longtime employees, the bonus — based on years of service — amounted to tens of thousands of dollars, and in some cases, more than $100,000. (The Guardian – photo, copyright 2008, Daniel Portnoy)

1) Miracle on the Hudson


The passengers of Flight 1549 were soaked and freezing, but they were still alive. With both engines out, a cool-headed pilot maneuvered his crowded jetliner over New York City, avoiding buildings, landing it safely into the frigid Hudson River. All 155 on board were pulled to safety as the plane slowly sank.

Captain “Sully” Sullenberger was surprised by all the accolades that he received, but, he wrote, “I realize how this event had touched people’s lives, how ready they were for good news, how much they wanted to feel hopeful again…  We’ve had a worldwide economic downturn, and people are confused, fearful and just so ready for good news. They want to feel reassured that all the things we value, all our ideals, still exist.”

If you are a regular viewer of the Good News Network, you are already assured, every day, that good DOES still exist — even through all the troubles witnessed over the last decade.

Happy New Year and may Good bless!

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