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National Flood Insurance Program News Alert

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 23, 2009

Winter Flooding News Alert — West Coast

Prepare Now for Winter Floods

As temperatures drop across the country and residents begin their holiday planning, it is important to remember that the winter months bring the majority of the year’s rainfall to States on the west coast, causing cresting rivers, backed-up storm drains and saturated ground, all of which can lead to devastating floods. Additionally, land that has been affected by wildfires over the last few years is more vulnerable to floods and mudslides due to denuded ground from lost vegetation. Now is the time to remind your customers that most people both inside and outside high-risk flood areas can purchase flood insurance.

While the West Coast has thousands of miles of levees designed to protect the lives and property behind them from floods, no levee provides full protection as they are only designed to a “specific level of protection.” If a levee fails or is overtopped, the flood damage may be more significant than if the levee were not there. If your community contains a levee, have your customers reach out to local officials to find out about the levee and the related flood risks based on where their property is located.

Remember, the NFIP offers a number of tools and resources to help you help your clients throughout the winter season. Be sure to visit for more information about the NFIP Agent Co-Op Advertising Program (up to 75% reimbursement), Agent Referral Program and Mail-on-Demand. Please email us at with any questions about the NFIP and FloodSmart, and continue to visit

The NFIP encourages you to remind you:

  • The risks for flooding during the winter months are real.
  • Heavy snow and rapid thaw, ice jams or strong winter storms can bring floods to all regions.
  • Now is the time to get protected for the winter season. It typically takes 30 days for a new flood insurance policy to take effect.
  • If you already have flood insurance, review your policy to make sure you have enough coverage for both the structure and its contents.
  • Having a flood plan includes planning evacuation routes, keeping important papers in a safe, waterproof place and making an itemized list of possessions including pictures.
  • Visit to assess your personal flood risk.

More detailed information available here.

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