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Merry Christmas!

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 24, 2010

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New Pic – Happy Holidays! ;-)

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 16, 2010

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Your ka-ching newsletter from $ensible Coaching – Money’s Wish List

Posted by Corey Kaster on December 11, 2009

Bringing the Ka-ching: Money’s Wish List

December, 2009

I don’t usually do a Money Knot or a teleclass in December because everyone is busy, busy, busy with holidays. And I was going to again take this year’s December off when it struck me. What is that saying to Money? Wouldn’t I be doing what we all do, skip it for the season? Now there’s something to talk about.

So, what do we do with Money over the Holidays? Most of us use it and ignore it at the same time. We spend it with the idea that we will catch up with it in January. Actually it’s more like April, because it takes that long for many people to catch up with, or recover from, their holiday spending.

At the very least it seems we put our money thinking on hold. And yet, what do we expect from Money during December? We expect it to be there. We expect it to stretch to meet our needs and desires. We expect it to magically appear. And we expect it to do all this cheerfully. Hmmm.

Remember that thing about how we are going to be in relationship with Money all our lives? Remember the question of: “If we knew we were going to be in relationship with a person forever, how would we want that relationship to be?” I’m guessing that we wouldn’t expect anyone we were in relationship with to do what we expect of Money over the Holidays.

So, what might Money want? What’s on Money’s wish list? You’ll have to ask your Money to find out. (Yes, talking to your Money is a good thing.)

Here’s what I think Money will say to you. I think it wants what everyone really and truly wants. It wants your time and attention. It wants to have a shared experience of deep caring with you. Well, isn’t that what we want from our loved ones? Stuff comes and stuff goes, and, frankly, it’s very few presents that make a lasting impression. What we want is positive time together. Money wants some of your time and attention. It might even want your acknowledgment and appreciation for the frenzy you put it through during the holidays.

Wait! Money as a loved one? That may be throwing your off, but think about it. Money is there, in your life, day in and day out, just like family. Sometimes Money doesn’t give us everything we want, but then, neither does family. Sometimes we have to work really hard to keep things going with Money, the same as with family. Sometimes Money seems to let us down, just as family does. And sometimes, Money really comes through and helps us, just like family.

Money will be with you longer than family. You will interact with Money every day. What’s the relationship you want? What’s the relationship Money is asking you for?

Oh, and again, just like family, Money has some obstacles in communicating with you, doesn’t it? It can’t talk to you; it has to get your attention in other ways. What if you tried to notice what it might be trying to say? What might that bounced check be saying? What might the pile of unopened bills be saying? And what might the money that unexpectedly lands in your lap be saying to you?

So check in with your Money and see what its wish list looks like for this holiday season. Can you possibly fit in giving Money a bit of what it wants now, and during the coming year?

From the crunch of snow to the ka-ching of sleigh bells, happy holidays to you.


Nope, there is no teleclass for December. The teleclasses will resume in January, 2010.

Meanwhile, if you would like a recording of the last teleclass,

Money, Double-Talk and You go to

Have a Holly Hippoday!


The Money Knot Story:

In case you are wondering why this is called The Money Knot, here’s the story. I’ve always been fond of Celtic knots, and you notice I use one as my logo. From my perspective, there are several things about these knots that relate to our money journey. One, you can see the whole knot; nothing is hidden, it’s all revealed. Two, the knot has no beginning and no end; it’s an ongoing, dynamic process. Three, the knot that I have chosen is a bit askew; our maneuvering is often out of the box.

Our money lives are like this knot. They are a visible maze that is intricate and sometimes challenging. Sometimes we get stuck in a corner; sometimes money is confusing, embarrassing or even scary. And yet the knot is always there. It’s a never ending relationship.

Together we go into your knot, and I help you to understand and maneuver through the knot. You will get familiar with the territory, know your way around, understand the twists and turns. Together we will make sense of where you are on your own personal money path and help you get to where you want to be.

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